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School Overview

Teaching Overview

Discipline Construction

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With serial cultivation system of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctor established, the School currently has 6 doctor supervisors, and has directions of “agro-biological environmental and energy engineering”, “biomass energy engineering”, and “agro-biological environmental engineering” in Yunnan University. Courses for doctor students are available in the directions of “genetics” and “human genetics”, aiming to cultivate advanced talents who are mainly engaged in sustainable development and utilization of bioenergy, growth reproduction of animals and plants in various environmental factors of agricultural facility system, and rules of genetic characteristics change and regulation. Totally over 20 doctor students have been admitted into the School since the program was available in 2008. First master degree conferment of “environmental sciences” has been permitted for admission since 1996. Academic master conferment is available for 4 majors including subordinate discipline of “environmental sciences”, first-level disciplines of “biology”, “ecology”, and “curriculum and teaching methodology (biology)”; besides, degree conferment is available for 3 majors such as “master degree of environmental sciences for on-the-job college teachers”, “educational master degree (biology)” and “master degree for rural education”. Totally 3 full-time undergraduate majors have been set up in School of Life Sciences, including “bioscience”, “applied bioscience”, and “biotechnology”, in which the major of “biotechnology” has already become first-rank characteristic discipline of Ministry of Education. As for adult education, undergraduate education and professional training of “bioscience” is available. About 50 doctor and graduate students, as well as 300 undergraduate students will be admitted by School of Life Sciences. Education of various majors and postgraduate programs in School of Life Sciences sticks to development tendency of life sciences, local economic construction of Yunnan Province, and demands of elementary biological education. By virtue of the unique location advantage and resource advantage of “biological kingdoms” of Yunnan Province, School of Life Sciences exerts its discipline advantages and characteristics, focuses on faculty planning and construction, expands scientific research fields, applies standard teaching management, optimizes follow-up student management, and pays attention to cultivation of talents with comprehensive quality, so that it has established scientific research and talent training base with advanced level of scientific research nationwide, and cultivated high-end biologic talents with strong academic knowledge and application ability. Meanwhile, School of Life Sciences has cultivated various key teachers and management talents with high comprehensive quality in biologic education for biologic elementary education in both Yunnan Province and its surrounding areas, fostered teaching reform achievement with significant effects including state first-rank characteristic discipline, national bilingual demonstration course construction project, excellent course of Yunnan Province, experimental teaching demonstration center of the provincial level, and the second prize for teaching achievements of the provincial level, played a good radiation and exemplary role in both Yunnan Province and West China, made great contributions to cultivation of education faculty for biological science and elementary education, development and utilization of biological resources, biodiversity protection, and construction of green economy promising province strategy of Yunnan Province. It directly serves the elementary education and local economic development of Yunnan Province.

School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University
Address: School of Life Sciences(Ruizhi Building #3), Yunnan Normal University, 768 Juxian Street, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan, China. Postcode:650500
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