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School Overview

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School Overview

As a teaching and research institute integrating higher normal and vocational education, scientific research and social services, School of Life Sciences adheres to long-term development of teaching, talent cultivation, scientific research and discipline construction, and platform building. It has obtained outstanding achievements in comprehensive collaborative development, based on elementary education and local economic construction. School of Life Sciences was awarded the honorary title of “Pioneer Worker” by All-China Federation of Trade Union in 2009.

Faculty Group Photo of School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University (October 2012)

With unremitting efforts and inheritance of several generations, adhering to great traditions of National Southwest Associated University, based on elementary education and local economic construction of Yunnan Province, taking discipline and faculty construction as a leader, and backed by scientific research, School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University has cultivated large number of talents in education, scientific and management fields. The School has two key disciplines of Yunnan Province of “environmental sciences” and “biochemistry and molecular biology”. With serial cultivation system of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctor established, the School has set 3 admission directions of doctor student for biomass energy engineering, agro-biological environmental engineering, and human genetics; besides, it not only has 4 master degree programs for first-level disciplines of “biology” and “ecology”, “environmental sciences” and “curriculum and teaching methodology”, but also developed on-the-job graduate master degree for college teachers and cultivated postgraduates of education master degree. School of Life Sciences has set up 3 full-time undergraduate majors of “bioscience”, “applied bioscience”, and “biotechnology”, in which the major of “biotechnology” has already become first-rank characteristic discipline of Ministry of Education. Depending on “Engineering Research Center of “Sustainable Development and Utilization of Bioenergy”, Ministry of Education”, School of Life Sciences has established sound hardware and software platforms of teaching, scientific research and talent cultivation such as Enzyme Resource Development and Application Engineering Technology Center jointly built by the state and local institution, Key Laboratory of Yunnan for Biomass Energy and Environmental Biotechnology, innovative team for biomass energy sustainable development and utilization in Yunnan Province, high-end talent introduction and cultivation plan for Yunnan Province, Key Laboratory of the Department of Education of Yunnan Province for Biomass Energy, and Yunnan Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Life Sciences. Through years’ innovation and practice, School of Life Sciences has fostered excellent faculty with reasonable structure, great teamwork, diligence, significant academic accomplishments and good teaching effect, which is consisted of winners of National Science Fund for Overseas Distinguished Young Scholars, candidates of the National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, distinguished teachers of the provincial level, outstanding young teachers of the Ministry of Education, high-end talents introduced by Yunnan Province, young and middle-aged academic technical leaders of Yunnan Province, leaders in teaching and scientific research of Yunnan Province. By virtue of the unique location advantage and resource advantage of “biological kingdoms” of Yunnan Province, School of Life Sciences makes full use of biological diversity of Yunnan Province, exerts its discipline advantages and characteristics, focuses on teaching feedback by scientific research results, serves for national objectives, economic and social development requirements of Yunnan Province, cultivates special biological scientific talents of high levels. As a result, it has formed unique features and advantages, played a good radiation and exemplary role in both Yunnan Province and West China, made great contributions to cultivation of education faculty for biological science and elementary education, development and utilization of biological resources, biodiversity protection, and construction of green economy promising province strategy.

School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University
Address: School of Life Sciences(Ruizhi Building #3), Yunnan Normal University, 768 Juxian Street, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan, China. Postcode:650500
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