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The predecessor of School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University is Department of Natural History of Kunming Normal College of National Southwest Associated University. It was renamed from the original name as Department of Biology in August 1952, and merged with Department of Chemist into Department of Biochemistry in September 1958. The major of biology was separated from Department of Biochemistry and merged with geography major into Department of Biology and Geography in September 1959, which was removed in the autumn of 1964. Department of Biochemistry resumed in June 1971, while the major of biology was once again separated from Department of Biology and Geography and Department of Biology was established in December 1978. Department of Biology was renamed as Department of Life Sciences in March 1994 and School of Life Sciences in July 2000. As a teaching and research institute integrating higher normal and vocational education, scientific research and social services, School of Life Sciences adheres to long-term development of teaching, talent cultivation, scientific research and discipline construction, and platform building. It has obtained outstanding achievements in comprehensive collaborative development, based on elementary education and local economic construction. School of Life Sciences was awarded the honorary title of “Pioneer Worker” by All-China Federation of Trade Union in 2009.
School Faculty Group Photo (October 2012)


School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University
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